Smart Dressing Room Sign (WiFi)

Smart Dressing Room Sign (WiFi)

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In studios today, with a high turnover of visitors, production companies and associated staff from day to day and week to week, being able to understand quickly which studios and dressing rooms are available at what time is extremely important. Making sure the right people end up in the right place at the right time is key when you have lots of production rooms, meeting rooms, studios and dressing rooms being regularly re-purposed.

Double booking

To eliminate double booking and reduce frustration among staff and visitors the need for clear, real-time room information outside a studio or dressing room is essential.

Paper and digital signs

Paper based signage is not only not in keeping with the high tech industry you are in, it's also time consuming to produce, expensive to print and takes time for someone to physically walk round, replacing each sign. By the time changes have been made, they could be out of date. Existing digital office and tablet-based signage need mains power and can be expensive to buy, install, run and maintain.


• Book, organise and manage from one place • Reduce ‘double bookings’
• Improve efficiency of room usage
• Increase client/visitor perception

• Streamline visitor management
• Battery operated
• No wires
• Rechargeable using plug in cable or battery booster pack

• Easily integrates with calendar apps (Google Calendar) and meeting room booking systems • Black and white display screens

Giosprite Solution

We offer an end to end solution for all your room booking management needs: from simple e-paper screen installation and software training to device monitoring and ongoing support.

Control panel

Simply update room bookings and availability by inputting directly into the secure web portal control panel to automatically update each sign in seconds. The control panel enables you to control exactly which signs get updated and when; as well as giving you visibility over the battery life of the signs and connectivity status at all times.

e-paper screen

e- Paper or e-Ink as it’s also known is this the same technology that exists in an Amazon Kindle. Available in a range of sizes, our screens which do not need mains power are easy to read from any angle- even in direct sunlight. Whilst the screen remains static it requires no power whatsoever, so only when the screen is being updated does it require battery power and network connectivity, making our screens incredibly power efficient and low cost to run.

Network Connectivity

Our signs offer flexible connectivity options and can be connected via WiFi, mobile networks and LPWAN (LoRa). Where existing connectivity such as WiFi is already in place, if there's enough capacity we’ll connect to that.

Where there is no existing connectivity, we will supply it. We are specialists in installing LPWAN (LoRa).

Our Giosprite LPWAN is a cost-effective wireless telecommunication wide area network designed to allow long range communications at a low bit rate among connected devices, so it’s perfect for transferring data across to our e-paper signs, especially in buildings where WiFi coverage is difficult.

With lower power requirements, longer ranges and lower costs than traditional mobile networks, CountiNet offers much lower upfront capital expenditure and lower operating costs – so rolling out cost effective meeting space signage is definitely a reality.


With calendar app (e.g. Google Calendar) and room booking system integrations available, you can display studio and dressing room availability in real time so staff know exactly which rooms are available and when - so reducing the incidence of double booking. The fully customisable black and white display allows you to show details including room name, company logo, current and next meetings booked, meeting duration, daily studio calendar and room availability.

With the flexibility to quickly and easily mount the screens anywhere in your building – without the need for wires or mains power - you can create connected spaces, fast.